Where can I find the numbers needed for setting up an employee?

PCB number

The PCB number can be found on the second page of Form CP 39. Otherwise, your employee can directly contact LHDN to obtain the employee’s PCB number if the employee was previously employed.

Unsure of the number?

LHDN will be able to advise you of this number, you can contact them via the following phone number: 1800 - 88 - 5436.

Don't have a PCB number yet?

Please register on Online (e-Daftar) which is accessible from MyTax by selecting Individual as Type of Taxpayer. Note that:

  • The application can take up to 7 working days, follow up calls to LHDN may be required
  • Applicable for employees earning salaries above the taxable income only

EPF number

The EPF number can be found on the Borang A form.

Forgotten your EPF number or unable to find it?

Please call KWSP to enquire: 03- 8922 6000

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