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How to set Payment Settings?

It's important to set the Payment Settings in the system correctly so all calculations can be done in accordance with your company practice. You find the Payment Settings tab under Settings.

  1. Payment Settings Per Location 
  2. Working Days
    • Once you click on "Edit Working Days", select the working days applicable to your company. There are three types: Full-Day, Half-Day and Off-Day. 
    • Selected working days will reflect in your payroll if "Number of days for Unpaid Leave, Prorated Salary and Overtime Calculation" is set to "Working Days in Current Calendar Month".
    • Selected working days will also affect all Leave types including Annual Leave and Unpaid Leave. I.e. If Unpaid Leave is applied on a non-working day, it won't be deducted in payroll.
  3. Holidays
    • Holidays follow "National" and "State" holidays by default depending on your company's location determined by its address. This can be edited or even removed.
    • In case you have setup multiple locations as per 1. Payment Settings Per Location, by default the State Holidays of that location will be followed.
    • Once you click on "Edit Holiday Date", you will be able to remove or add a holiday. For more info please read How to add or remove holidays?
  4. Number of days for Unpaid Leave, Prorated Salary and Overtime Calculation
  5. Record Unpaid Leave in Payroll
    • If this section is ticked, any Unpaid Leave recorded in the Leave calendar will be auto deducted in your payroll.
  6. Adjust Salary Based on Join Date
    • Salary will be auto prorated and the respective amount reflected in your payroll. The calculation method depends on your payment settings selected under point 4.
  7. Enable HRDF

This help article was compiled for version 0.60.3 of app.payrollpanda.my

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