How Do I Pay SOCSO?

There are a few ways of paying your SOCSO contributions:

Internet Banking 

Several banks offer payroll bulk payment services. Typically the entire process will be online. Contact your bank for more details.


After signing up for an iPERKESO account, you will be able to pay your contribution through that account. During first set up, you would need to key in your employee details and contribution manually. After generating the Form 8A, you can click 'Submit & Pay'. 

At the payment method page you can select the account type and click 'Pay with FPX'. Select the bank you are using and click 'Pay with FPX'. You will be redirected to the bank's webpage to continue with the payment. If you currently using iPERKESO you can continue to use it until further notice, however, Perkeso is moving to their Assist portal soon so best you register for that at your earliest convenience.

Perkeso Assist Portal

The Perkeso Assist Portal is a portal that allows employers to manage company details, employees’ and monthly contribution information for Socso and EIS. For more information, please view this help article.

The PayrollPanda app generates the Socso text file for online submission via the Assist Portal.

Once you login, click on `My Sites` and choose SOCSO Contribution.

Next you proceed to Employer Contribution and click on Text File as per the image below. Once you upload the SOCSO_Assist_Portal.txt file generated by the PayrollPanda app you can proceed to pay with FPX.

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