How to generate payroll files for your bank?

Note: Currently we support batch payment files for CIMB Bank, Maybank, Hong Leong Bank, RHB Bank, Public Bank and OCBC Bank.

This article explains how to generate payment files that you can upload to your bank to process payments for your employees and the statutory bodies (PCB/EPF/SOCSO). Generating files takes place after you submit your payroll. Before you can do that, you must ensure four things are done.

A. Add Your Company Bank Account

Go to Settings > Company Details > Bank Details section and click on the Add Bank Account button. Then select your Bank and enter your account name and number.

For some banks you will be required to enter specific information for the bank. For example if CIMB is chosen you will be required to enter an organisation code. Please see the bottom of this article for a full list of banks we support for bank file generation and their specific information required.

B. Enter Specific Information for Your Bank

Some information is common to all banks and other information is specific to each bank. We currently support CIMB, Maybank2E, Hong Leong Bank, RHB, Public Bank and OCBC Bank and will include several other banks in the coming months. Below you find what information is required to add to PayrollPanda in order to generate the batch payment files.

1. CIMB 

CIMB Bizchannel has two type of packages which are Standard and BizLite:

1.1 CIMB Standard: The following information is required:

  • Organisation code: Given by the bank, existing Autopay customers use the same code.
  • Crediting Date: Date when the payments should be deducted from your account.

1.2 CIMB BizLite: There is no option to generate the payroll files using a payroll system and upload it to the bank as all the beneficiary information has to be input directly into the Bizlite system when performing the transaction.  

2. Maybank

2.1 Maybank2E

  • Corporate ID: Given by the bank, also used as log-in to Maybank. Existing Autopay customers use the same code.
  • Crediting Date: Date when the payments should be deducted from your account.
  • File Format: Please ensure to select at Product "Staff Payroll" and File Format “MY PAY PIPE V4” for Payroll and for Statutory bodies "MY STAT BODY PIPE" during your upload process.


2.2 Maybank2U

For Maybank2U there are two accounts Maybank2u Biz and a Maybank2u standard account with 2 options of payment.

  • Maybank2u Biz only (Maybank Autocredit Software):
    • Proceed to a local Maybank branch and apply for Maybank Autocredit Software (MAS).
    • Application will typically take 2-3 working days after Maybank's engineers will set an appointment to visit your office and install the software.
    • Once installed you can upload the Batch Payment txt file generated by the PayrollPanda app. Simply upload the file, click proceed and a new file will be generated which you can upload to Maybank2U.
  • Maybank2u Biz and Maybank2u Standard account (Manual File):
    • Login to Maybank2U and download a CSV file. You then need to enter all data manually after which you can upload it again. Unfortunately, Maybank2U doesn't allow for this file to be generated automatically.

3. Hong Leong Bank

  • Payment/Transaction Type: Choose Rentas or IBG
  • Crediting Date: Date when the payments should be deducted from your account.
  • Note: for a First time user, customer required to register their Company Employer ID for bank reference by emailing below details. After receiving bank would notify customer that they can upload the files.
    Email to:

1) Company account number
2) Company name
3) Company ID
4) Employer EPF number
5) Employer SOCSO number

4. RHB

To upload the auto-generated bulk payment files you will need to enable the Bulk Pay option which is available for RHB Premium Reflex account. Note that this is only enabled upon request and it may take up-to five working days, therefore we encourage you to request from RHB Bank in advance prior of uploading files (click here for more info).

  • Corporate ID: Six digits, provided by the Bank.
  • Payment/Transaction Type: Choose Rentas or IBG.
  • Crediting Date: Date when the payments should be deducted from your account.
  • Note: user required to have Bulk Pay Module, provided by RHB Bank > Reflex Support.

For the Payroll file, kindly use Bulk Pay to upload it and process the payment.

For the Statutory Body files, kindly use Statutory Payment > EPF/LHDN/SOCSO to upload.

5. Public Bank

There are two types of platforms for Public Bank which require a different setup.

5.1 PB ECP Service (

  • Payment/Transaction Type: Choose type of payment from IBG, Rentas or Bankers Cheque/Demand Draft (BC/DD).
  • Organisation code: Three characters (XXX), alphanumeric abbreviation which is provided by the bank. Existing Autopay customers use the same code.
  • Crediting Date: Date when the payments should be deducted from your account.
  • Note: The bank file generated for Public Bank is the payroll file for salary payments and is named BIF. For PCB the file is named PCB-Month_2018.TXT 

5.2 PB Enterprise (

  • Crediting Date: Date when the payments should be deducted from your account.
  • Note: User may also download XLS file format, manually key in the data and upload it. 
  • Steps to upload the file are: Download Payroll from Payroll History. Login to PB Enterprise, proceed to File Upload > ECP Payroll/Payment > ECP Payroll/Payment Upload. Kindly upload generated file [20digits].TXT. For PCB the file is named PCB-Month_2018.TXT

        Steps to Upload SOCSO & EPF for both PBe and PB Enterprise

  • If you make payment for EPF and SOCSO for via bank batch file for the first time, then you are first required to submit the Test File for EPF’s and SOCSO's validation & approval
  • The approval letter will be sent to your correspondence address within 14 days
  • Once you have obtained the approval letter, you may proceed to submit the contribution files via PBe

    6. OCBC Bank

  • Crediting Date: Date when the payments should be deducted from your account


C. Add Bank Account For Your Employees

Go to Manage Employees > click the employee and from the Personal Info tab see the Bank section. Click the Add Bank Button which will open the pop-up to key in the employees bank account details.

D. Add Crediting Date (Per pay run)

When running payroll in step 3, you may be required to enter specific information for your bank. In the example below, CIMB bank was chosen as the company bank account and therefore a Crediting Date field appears.

Once payroll is submitted, the bank files will be included within the payroll zip file. The example below shows the 4 files generated for a CIMB bank account. These files should be uploaded via the customer's online banking website so that the relevant payments to your employees and the statutory bodies can be made.

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