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How to make salary and statutory payments via Alliance Bank

If you want to generate and upload payroll files via Alliance bank, you need to set payment details in both PayrollPanda and Alliance bank portal. Here are the steps: 

1. Settings in the PayrollPanda system

  1. Go to Settings > Company Details > Bank Details

  2. Click on Add Bank Account, and select Alliance Bank

  3. Fill in the necessary details for Account Holder's Name and Account Number.

Before running payroll, remember to enter your employees’ bank details. Simply: 

  1. Go to Employees > select Employee > Personal Info

  2. Under the Preferred Method of Payment, choose “Bank Transfer

  3. Under Bank Details > click Add Bank Account

  4. Enter the employee’s Bank Details

2. Settings in the Alliance bank portal

    1. Statutory Registrations

For first-time submission of statutory files, please ensure that you have registered with the statutory bodies. Please note the EPF and SOCSO registration validation process will take approximately 7 working days. You will receive the validation results via a notice sent by EPF/ SOCSO and a message sent via BizSmart.

For LHDN registration, you do not need to do any file submission, just enter your employer tax number to register.

1.1 Login as maker role

Click on Corporate Payment Services > Statutory Payment > KWSP/SOCSO.

1.2 Key in details for all the compulsory fields

1. From Account

2. Submission Type - Registration

3. Payment Date – today

4. File Batch Ref No

5. File Upload – EPF/SOCSO Text File

6. Click on the Confirm button.

1.3 Preview page

Click the File Batch Ref No to view for details. Confirm the details then click Submit.

1.4 Acknowledgement - Registration

To download the receipt – click Download PDF.

1.5. LHDN registration

You need to enter your employer tax number and click on Confirm to register.

Source: Alliance BizSmart Statutory Payment Registration User Guide V1.0

2. Salary and statutory bulk payments

Files to be uploaded under Corporate Payment Services > Payroll:

Batchpayment-Payroll.txt to be uploaded under Payroll File Upload.

Batchpayment-Zakat.txt to be uploaded under Zakat Payment File Upload.

Files to be uploaded under Corporate Payment Services > Statutory Payment:

BatchPayment-EPF.txt to be uploaded under KWSP

BatchPayment-PCB.txt to be uploaded under LHDN

SCEF_SOCSO20210906 to be uploaded under SOCSO

SEIS_EIS20210906 to be uploaded under SOCSO EIS Contribution

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