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How to add a timesheet to PayrollPanda?

You can add your monthly timesheet to PayrollPanda for automatic overtime and hourly wage calculations. Under the tab Timesheet you will find a list of all your employees sorted on a weekly basis. You can either upload our timesheet template or manually key in the hours.

IMPORTANT: If the overtime is paid on a monthly basis, remember to add your overtime items as Monthly Recurring Payroll Items under Employment Details tab in the employee's profile. You do not need to change the rate and hours shown as they will be automatically updated once you add the timesheet and run payroll. For more information on when to add items as recurring and how it affects the PCB calculation, please read When do I select certain payroll items as recurring?

1. Upload Timesheet

You can use our template to upload your employees' timesheet to the system. You can download the template under Timesheet > Upload Timesheets > Download Template. The template contains all overtime payroll items, including our pre-set Overtime Payroll Items and the Custom Payroll Items you created.

In the template you can key in the total number of normal hours worked (for employees paid hourly) and/or overtime hours for the month you are running payroll for. Once completed you can proceed to upload the timesheet under Select File. The hours will be added to the totals column in Timesheet and to the payroll.

If you want to make any changes, please edit the timesheet template and upload it again.

Note: If you're using Jibble for time-tracking you can export the file from Jibble and upload it directly to PayrollPanda. Please refer to How to export your timesheets to PayrollPanda? for more information.

2. Manually Key in Timesheet

To manually key in the hours, you first need to add the relevant overtime payroll items. To add overtime payroll items click on the button +Add Overtime in the bottom left corner. You can select the overtime payroll items and the employees you want to add them for. Once added you can key in the overtime hours.

After saving, the hours will be included in your payroll run for the relevant month. Prior to running the payroll, you can always update the hours. If employees are paid hourly, the hours keyed under Timesheet will be used to compute monthly salary.

This help article was compiled for version 0.40.11 of app.payrollpanda.my

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