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What access levels are there for a managed payroll account and what can they do?

The MP account, also known as Managed Payroll Account, is a feature we added specifically for our partners who are using our system to manage payroll for their clients OR companies that have multiple entities to run payroll for under their group.

Access is upon invite, if you are interested to use this feature please contact us via chat, email or phone.

There are three levels of access for this feature.

MP Admin

The MP admin is the highest level of access and allows you to:

  • Add and access companies
  • Make changes and submit payroll for each company
  • Add or delete an MP Manager or MP Client
  • Assign a company to an MP Manager
  • Access subscription to see invoices

MP Manager

The MP Manager is typically the person who prepares the payroll and is thus able to:

  • Prepare and run the payroll
  • Download payroll summary and payment files
  • Adjust employee details

MP Client

The MP Client is an optional access level in case you want to give your clients access to the system. The MP Client can:

  • Approve or reject the payroll that is created after viewing the payroll summary
  • Note that the MP Client is not able to Run any payroll
  • Use leave management, adjust employee and company settings, and generate forms and reports

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This help article was compiled for version 0.20.0 of https://app.payrollpanda.my/

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