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PayrollPanda Quick Facts

1. What is PayrollPanda?

Payroll Panda Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian based company which provides world class HR cloud system. Our flagship product is PayrollPanda. For more information see our about us page.

2. What features are included?

The main features are payroll, leave management, employee-self-service (ESS) and timesheet. For an overview of all features see the homepage.

3. How do I sign up?

You sign up via the sign-up page, after which you instantly get access to the system. Once you log-in you need to set-up your company, after which you can run payroll.

4. Is it easy to switch to PayrollPanda?

Our setup process is designed to be simple and fast. If you have access to all the data (company, statutory numbers, employee etc.) you simply need to key it in. Of course our customer support team is readily available to assist.

5. Do I need to install software to use PayrollPanda?

No, there is no need to download anything as the software is cloud based. You can access it from any desktop computer and tablets.

6. Is my data secure?

All data is encrypted and password protected via SSL.

7. Where is the data hosted?

The data is securely hosted on the world’s leading cloud infrastructure company, Amazon Web Services.

8. What devices is PayrollPanda compatible on?

PayrollPanda is accessible on any desktop computer with an active internet connection and works on modern tablets too. It does not work on small screen devices such as mobile phones. 

9. How does pricing work?

The system is free to use for leave management. If you want to run payroll you only get charged for your 2nd payroll, as your 1st payroll is free. Monthly charges are RM 38 per company and RM 8 per employee, excluding SST. In case you have more than 100 employees please contact us for a custom quotation. If you pay yearly you will receive a 15% discount. You do not need a credit card for payment. See also our Help Article, How is my PayrollPanda invoice calculated? If you manage multiple companies using one master login (MPP) please refer to point 22. 

10. How does payment work?

You are invoiced on a monthly basis after your second payroll run. We offer two payment solutions, i.e. online payment via FPX or bank transfer. See also our Help Article, How do I pay my invoice?

11. I’m new to payroll can I use your platform?

Yes we designed the system to be easy to use for everyone who needs to run payroll. We also created a help section where you can find the answers to most common payroll questions. For any questions that are not answered there you can contact our customer support team via the in-system chat.

12. How do I cancel my subscription?

You simply stop running payroll and you will not be invoiced. You can continue to login and view your old payrolls and employees can login and view their payslips and and continue to apply for Leave. If you want to delete your account, please contact us.

13. How do I contact PayrollPanda?

We covered the most common enquiries in our Help Center. Any other enquiries can be directed to our support team via the in-system chat. You can also reach us at admin@payrollpanda.my or by calling +60 3 2787 9168 during office hours (Monday - Friday).

14. Are your services available outside of Malaysia?

Currently we only support Malaysia.

15. Is leave management included?

Yes and it’s free to use.

16. Can I get a demo of PayrollPanda?

We would be happy to give you an online demo, book a demo here or reach out to our support team and we will schedule one for you.

17. Do you provide training?

For prospective customers we offer online demos whereby our sales team explains more about how our product can ease your payroll. For existing customers our customer success team is there to help via chat, phone and email. Book a demo here, or email at admin@payrollpanda.my or call at +60 3 2787 9168 to talk to our success team.

18. How does the system get updated?

Since the system is hosted in the cloud, we update it automatically, no need to download or install anything. We have a new release every 1-2 weeks with new or enhanced features. Any changes from the statutory bodies are also automatically updated as soon as they become part of Malaysian law.

19. I have a suggestion to make the system better, how do I go about it?

We are constantly working to make the PayrollPanda system better. If you have any feedback we love to hear from you. Email your suggestions to admin@payrollpanda.my

20. Is it possible to partner with PayrollPanda?

We are actively looking for business partnerships. If you are interested in a partnership you can subscribe to our partner program or give us a call.

21. Do you offer a referral fee for new customers?

We have a referral program in place. If you want to hear more about this reach out to us at admin@payrollpanda.my.

22. Do you offer managed payroll services?

We offer managed payroll services to a very limited set of partners. Our software is designed to make it easy for any Malaysian business to manage their own payroll. If you are interested in managed payroll services we can introduce you to one of our partners.

23. Can I get a discount if I have multiple companies or manage payroll for others?

If you have more than one company as a group you receive custom pricing, reach us via the chat support or at admin@payrollpanda.my. In case you manage payroll for your clients we have a special partner program, sign-up here to inquire about our partner program and one of our partner account managers will be in touch.

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