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How can I apply for leave?

Note: Before you can apply for leave using PayrollPanda, you need to (i) be invited by your employer and (ii) sign up for an account. You could send this to your Employer or HR/Admin staff so they can invite you to the system and for you to signup as an employee.

Watch a short video on how to apply for leave or read below for more information.

There are 4 ways you can access the leave form to apply for leave.

If you require a monthly calendar view of leave requests, access the leave form via the Leave tab.

Next, fill up the leave request form by selecting (i) leave type and (ii) date of leave request. Other details and file upload are optional.

When you are ready for your manager to review your leave request, click 'Submit' and a confirmation should pop-up. Any status updates on leave requests will be sent to you via email and can also be viewed in your employee account within the system.

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This help article was compiled for version 0.13.5 of app.payrollpanda.my

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