How to submit the EPF (CSV) file through I-Akaun?

Go to to access your employer iAkaun.

  1. Use the employer EPF number as your User ID and your password to login

  2. Under the far right button “Contribution”, select Submission of EPF Contribution (Form A)

  3. Then select “Upload contribution through .csv File” and upload the relevant .csv file to the system.

  4. Once you have uploaded the .csv file, you need to select the correct contribution month. IMPORTANT: Please note that the contribution month is always one month AHEAD of the salary month. Ie. If you ran payroll for the month of September 2016, then the contribution month has to be October 2016.

    For further reference, you may view a video directly at the KWSP website on How to upload a CSV file as the employer.

  5. As the final step you will have to select a payment method:


  1. You can opt to pay directly via the bank website (currently only available for Maybank customers)
  2. You can make payment via FPX (non-approval flow), click here to see how
  3. You can make payment via direct debit (only for employers who have registered DDA)
  4. You can make payment at EPF/Bank counters

Kindly note that each type of submission leading to the final payment method has its own steps to follow, which are accessible under the Employers Online Services Quick Guide (mainly refer to step 4 and/or step 5)

For more details on the payment methods available through i-Akaun, you may refer to the KWSP Online Payment FAQ document.

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