Is PayrollPanda a free, trial, paid, freemium or premium app?

Some users are confused with PayrollPanda pricing and what is free to use and what is not.

Everything is free to use except running payroll more than once

If you want to categorise PayrollPanda as a free, premium or freemium product then it would be regarded as freemium.  Which means that the app is free to use except for certain features.  And that feature which is not free to use right now is running payroll.  So if you run payroll a second time you will be invoiced. Note that before being invoiced you will be informed and will need to confirm.

So if running payroll is a paid (or premium) feature then what is free? is a list of things you can do which are free to use:

  • Managing your employee database
  • Leave management - Employees can apply for leave and Employers can accept/reject leave
  • Access to your payroll history - many users think if they stop paying they will not be able to access their files. This is not the case.  We won't delete your account unless you tell us to which means your old payroll will be saved, backed up and accessible to you at anytime.  You can also download at anytime whether you're paying or not
  • Generating/Viewing yearly forms - this is generally only useful if you have run payrolls for the year but the forms will always be available to you whether you're a paying customer or not
  • Reporting
  • Other features planned for inclusion as free services include Time-sheets and Claims processing

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