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How is my PayrollPanda invoice calculated?

Companies are charged based on payrolls run. Each monthly payroll is billed at RM 38 per company plus RM 8 per employee. Your first payroll is free of charge.

EXAMPLE for a company with 15 employees:

   RM   38 (company)

+ RM   120 (RM 8 * 15 employees)

Sub Total: RM 158 * 8% SST

Total = RM 170.64 (Including SST)

Once you have submitted your payroll, your monthly invoiced will be generated and emailed to you. You can also download your invoices and check their payment status under Settings > Subscription. 

If you pay yearly, you will receive a 15% discount. For more information, please refer to How Does Yearly Invoicing Work?.

Find out how to pay your invoice in How Do I Pay My Invoice?.

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This help article was compiled for version 1.6.1 of app.payrollpanda.my

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