How can I add leave entitlements for employees?

This article will guide you through adding leave entitlements for each employees. To add custom leave types please refer to this Help Article.

1) When adding/editing an Employee, go to the Employment Details tab and look for the leave column at the bottom of the page.

2) Hover over the text fields which appear under the Days Entitled column. You will notice they can be edited unlike the Days Taken values which are for information only.

3) In the example provided the Employee has been set to 15 days Annual Leave per year.  So if the Employee makes a leave request, both the employee and employer will be notified if the leave requested (including days already taken) exceed the days entitled.  The leave can still be submitted and approved but at least everyone will be aware that it has exceed the days allowed.

For example, the screenshot above shows when the employee requests leave.  Note the field days allowed

The screenshot above shows when the employer is about to approve or reject leave

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