PayrollPanda Referral Program

Terms & Conditions PayrollPanda Referral Program

  • The PayrollPanda customer referral program is for staff of existing paying PayrollPanda customers only (i.e. paying PayrollPanda customers).

  • The terms and conditions of the referral program are subject to change at Payroll Panda Sdn Bhd’s sole discretion.

  • The reward is only given upon exclusively recommended customers, i.e. it doesn’t apply to leads that we were already in contact with or leads that have previously subscribed to PayrollPanda.

  • In case you’re staff of a PayrollPanda Partner (I.e. accountant, re-seller etc.) you’re not entitled to participate in this referral program.

  • Incentive scheme as of 27 May 2019:

    • If you recommend PayrollPanda to a friend in another company and they subscribe to PayrollPanda for the first time, we’ll give you an RM300 Lazada voucher.

    • You’ll receive your Lazada voucher once we have collected RM300 in PayrollPanda subscription fees from the company of the person you refer.

    • You can refer up to 5 friends, and for each recommendation we’ll reward you with a RM300 voucher upon collecting a similar amount in subscription fees fees.

    • The referral program runs till 15 August 2019.

    • Referrals have to be submitted via this form.

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