How to add custom overtime?

We already setup the most common Overtime items such as normal OT, Rest-Day OT and Public OT. For more information on how to add these, please review this Help Article. In case you want to add Custom Overtime, please follow the steps below.

Note that you only need to add the Custom Overtime Payroll Item once,  after which you can conveniently select it from the list of payroll items to be added as a recurring or one-off payment.

1. Add Custom Overtime

Go to Settings > Payroll items > Add Custom Overtime

2. Select Name and Setup

You can name the Custom Overtime Payroll Item yourself and save it. Then adjust the overtime rate (= the multiplier for the hourly rate). Please also select the statutory contributions accordingly.

IMPORTANT: By default Overtime contributes to PCB and Socso and is exempt from EPF. You may make amends to the settings if necessary. Should you have any questions on the correct setup, you can always check with our support team via the in-app chat.

Once setup you can add the Custom Overtime Payroll Item either as a recurring payroll item under employee settings, or as a non-recurring payroll item in Step 1 of payroll, see our Help Article for more info. Furthermore you can add it under Timesheet, after you can key in the daily hours.

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