How does yearly invoicing work?

By default the app is set to monthly subscription in which case you are billed monthly. If you opt for an annual subscription you will be billed for a year in advance and are therefore entitled to a 15% discount.

To opt for yearly billing you have to go Settings > Subscription > Subscription Type and opt for Yearly billing.

The invoice will be generated after you run your next payroll. The amount will be based on the total number of employees you ran payroll for. It entitles you to run a total of 12 payrolls for that number of employees.

EXAMPLE annual subscription for a company with 10 employees:

   RM 300 company fee (RM 25 * 12 months)

+ RM 600 employee fee (RM 5 * 10 employees * 12 months)

-  RM 135.00 discount of 15% (RM 900 * 15%)

Total: RM 765.00

In case you add an additional employee after you've received your yearly invoice you will be charged separately for that particular employee. I.e. if you have paid for 10 employees, and add employee 11, a separate monthly invoice of RM 5 (employee fee) will be issued.

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