What happens after I submit payroll?

After you submit your payroll, you can access the payroll summary details under the Payroll History tab. Click on Download Payroll and a zip file containing the following items will be generated:

  • PCB txt. file: You can use the text file for online submission through E-Data PCB. Users must first register before using the system. Please contact the LHDN help line at 1-800-88-5436 to activate your account.
  • EPF-iAkaun csv file: File for upload to KWSP iAkaun, please click here for detailed information on how to upload the file to iAkaun. KWSP is urging all employers to start using its e-Caruman online payments facilities such as the FPX payment option once the file has been uploaded.
  • Payment-schedule pdf: Overview of all the net payments that need to be made to employees and others.
  • Payroll-summary pdf & Excel file: Payroll summary report for easy overview of salary payouts.
  • Payslips pdf: All employee payslips conveniently merged into one pdf file. Read this article in case you want to download and/or send individual payslips to your employees
  • PCB-CP39 pdf: Borang CP39 for PCB payment at LHDN. Please click here for detailed information on how to pay PCB.
  • SOCSO-8A pdf: Borang 8A for SOCSO. Please click here for detailed information on how to pay Socso. 
  • Bank Files: Bank files to be uploaded to online banking for automatic payments to employees and the statutory bodies. Read this help article to learn more about bank integrations.

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