What are the updated rates for EPF effective January 2018 payroll?

KWSP informed that the reduction of the statutory contribution rate for employees’ share to 8 %, which started for March 2016 wage/salary (April contribution), will end at the end of December 2017 wage/salary (January 2018 contribution). Therefore, effective January 2018 wage/salary (February 2018 EPF contribution), the statutory contribution rate for employees’ share will revert to the original 11 % for members below age 60, and 5.5 % for those aged 60 and above.

The latest contribution rates for employees and employers can be referred to at this table here.   

Members who wish to contribute more than the statutory rate of 11 % or 5.5 % may do so by completing Form KWSP 17A (AHL) or Form KWSP 17AA (AHL). 

For more information on how to increase your contribution rate using the Payrollpanda app, please view our help article How to increase or decrease EPF Contributions for an Employee and Employer?

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