How to manually calculate unpaid leave for payroll?

To calculate unpaid leave:

  1. Find the number of working days in the current month.

  2. Use this figure to calculate how much the employee is paid daily (monthly salary/working days in month).

  3. Multiply this figure by the number of days of unpaid leave.


Jim earns RM 4,000 a month, and takes 3 days unpaid leave in the month of August 2016. How much should be deducted?

Following the steps listed above, we find:

  1. There are 23 working days in the month of August including the public holiday.

  2. Jim earns RM 173.91 per day (4000/23).

  3. As Jim has taken 3 days off, the total deduction should be RM 521.74 (4000*3/23).

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